June 16, 2014

Rough Guide To Circle Lenses

***Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post. I bought these contact lenses myself. Please don't take my word on circle lenses for gospel, I am not a professional in this field and my eyes will be different to everyone's eyes so please wear them at your own risk.***

This post is for my lovely and beautiful Lisa from COCOBELLA BALLERINA who requested a post about my circle lenses! Here you are darling, I hope you find it helpful :)

I've been wearing circle lenses for about 3-4 years now and I must say that I can not live without them. I actually feel really strange without them and I don't think I look as nice without them, sadly enough! When I first started wearing contact lenses I ordered from www.pinkyparadise.com but after 6 months or so, I found a better website, a website that I still order from to this day. That website is www.honeycolor.com! The great thing about Honey Color is that they do free express shipping all over the world if your order is more than $99. Considering when I order, I order 4-5 at a time, that's perfect for me and frankly, I'm always surprised at how quickly it gets to me (within a few days). Another great thing is that Honey Color has the best prices I've seen on circle lenses and they offer those cooling eye drops which I adoreeeee!

For those of you who don't know what circle lenses are, they are contact lenses which you can get plano (no prescription) or with prescription that are bigger than the size of your actual iris, making your eyes appear more doll like. They come in various different sizes from a slight enlargement (14mm) to larger enlargements (15mm and up). They also come in hundreds of different styles, my favourites are the ones that have the darker limbal ring (darker edges) because to me, they look the most "natural" (please... who am I kidding!).

As with anything, there are risks involved in wearing circle lenses such as:
  • Okay... Let me start with the biggest one, I'm not trying to scare you but if you get a defective pair of lenses, it can cause blindness or permanently damage your eyes. This is why it's so important to get your contact lenses from a reputable and trustworth seller and hence my disclaimer up top. 
  • For my Americans out there, it is not FDA regulated
  •  Abrasions or scratches to the cornea
  • Decreased oxygen to the eyes because the contact lens is not only covering your iris but also the white parts of your eyes
  • Because you're not getting them from an optometrist, it is not fitted specifically to your eyes, this is why it can cause not only discomfort but can also damage your eye
 Because of these risks please always ensure that:
  • Get your lenses from a reputable seller
  • Soak your contact lenses in contact lens solution for a full 24 hour before putting them into your eyes
  • Wash your hands before you touch the lenses (I mean.. duh!)
  • Check the water content of the contact lenses, as a general rule for me, the more water content it has, the more comfortable they are for me
  • Don't wear it for more than 8 hours at a time and if it's your first time, try wearing it a few hours at a time and build up the time 
  • Change your contact lens case every 3 months 
  • Most circle lenses say they last for a year but if you wear them every day like I do, I change it up every 6 months or so just to be safe
  • If you feel any sort of discomfort/light sensitivity/blurred vision/redness that doesn't dissipate within a minute or two, TAKE THEM OUT STRAIGHT AWAY! You  may have gotten a defective pair. What I do is, soak them in a fresh batch of contact solution for another 24 hour and then try them on again, if they are still uncomfortable, they are definitely either defective or just doesn't fit your eye correctly so please don't wear them again
  • Make sure you put them in the right way

 NAY! You can see that the edges of the contact lenses sort of flare out, that's when you know you gots to turn that baby over.


As I mentioned before, I do order 4-5 at a time so these are my current 4 pairs that I'm wearing at the moment.


I hope that was helpful for some people! I really don't mean to scare anyone but they are the facts and I know the risks when I wear my contact lenses. I have been very very lucky that my eyes aren't particularly sensitive to anything so I've never really had a problem with wearing them but please please please be careful! You only have one pair of eyes so please take care of them and if you ever feel unsure about a product, just don't wear it and contact the seller. Enjoy ladies (and maybe gents..)!


  1. omgosh i love you to the MOON and back for doing this!! thank you thank you thank you! i've always long admired your makeup skins and how gorgeous your eyes always look now i know you secrets LOLOLOLS!! thank you so much i'm going to try ordering some of these :)!


  2. Hey Phoebe, thanks for the post! I like how you pointed out potential health hazards as well. I think many people don't realize that! My eyes are very sensitive, so I have never tried circle lenses. The most I can do is daily disposable ones, but even those have to be decent. I do like how these look on you though!

  3. hi phoebe!! first off thank you so much for stopping by my blog and for the hilarious but sweet comment! :) im a newbie so you don't know how much I appreciate you taking a peek, and im glad it brings me to your blog as well!! second, you made me laugh so bad with your comment, but girl, what are you talking about, youre so gorgeous, nobody will even notice you wearing black all the time!!! :) im so glad you have this post, ive been dying to try out circle lenses but just haven't so I might just take the plunge one of these days!! :) thanks again Phoebe and hope to be chatting with you again soon!!


  4. Great post and tips! I've been wear contact lens, regular ones and colored ones since I was 12! I've been wanting to order from honeylens for a long time and now you've really convinced me, the colors look sooo good on your big brown eyes!

  5. Thanks for the review! I think you look amazing with circle lenses! I love how they make the eye pop and just appear larger!


    xo, N

  6. The barbie brown is so pretty!
    I love how you pointed out the negatives of circle lenses as well! It is very important! I have never tried colored lenses before, but I am def. interested in them. They are so cool!
    I actually just got contact lenses for everyday wear and I'm used to them now. I bet I can put these in as well hehe. I might order some later on!!


  7. You look so great with these lenses (although we totally didn't notice until you said something). Love your color!

    xx 365hangers

  8. What a great and informative post! I've never tried using colored contact lenses, but always wanted to, just to see what I'd look like with a different eye color ;) They all look very pretty on you!

    My beauty and lifestyle blog

  9. It's been many years since I wore colored lenses. You look wonderful

  10. Haven't wear colored lenses for years, but I'd loved a green-er pair of my eyes. I wear lenses every day, keep your hands and your lenses clean and you won't have any issues ;)

  11. This was a seriously interesting read! I used to wear normal contacts, but then I had surgery (got new lenses implanted in my eyes) so now I'm not allowed to ever wear contacts again, not even those that are just for fun.

  12. Your eyes look so stunning with them in! I wear prescription contacts and couldn't live without them!


  13. I love that colored contact lenses can make such a difference! Each look is gorgeous!
    xo TJ


  14. really love the second one! the color is gorgeous!

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  16. I don't know how you look without circle lens but you're rocking them! It looks really natural on you. :)


  17. Pinky Paradise and Lens Village are my favourite place to get circle lenses =D It's definitely very very important to trust the place where you're getting the lenses to prevent eye damage. My mistake from before was I had no idea you're only allowed to wear contacts until 6 hours (7 maximum but that's pushing it), my optometrist just told me about it last year and thank goodness I asked her. Wearing contacts for long hours can damage the eyes too, and that's a mistake so many people do. Those lenses look really gorgeous on you by the way, especially EOS Ice Brown, so amazing! :)

    Take care always, love Christine ~ xx

  18. I have always been so scared of circles lenses, so thanks for sharing this!


  19. Great post! I have always been so scared to wear circle lenses. but many times i want to give them a try. btw, you look so good wearing them!!


  20. I love the barbie brown color :) Thanks for sharing the info! I always wanted to try contacts but i'm afraid of touching my eye and stuff. hehe.
    I love your blog and reviews! I'm following you now.

    <3 Emi

    silver & lemon

  21. So interesting post, thanks for sharing!!!!

    xoxo Iren