June 5, 2014

MAC Fluidline Brow Gelcreme - Dirty Blonde + How I Do My Brows

I know... I know... I am not a blonde. So, why did I get this you all ask? Frankly, I don't really like my brows to be, POW, in your face. It's always been my personal preference to have lighter eyebrows just because I think I don't look that good in dark eyebrows, it's just a little jarring for my complexion. I do think that the ends of my brow could be darker, but I am trying out the Anastasia Dipbrow for that so I can compare the two products.

Now, the MAC Fluidline Brow Gelcreme has always been a formula that I wanted to try out just because it's been hyped SO much, and the longevity is something that I am truly attracted to, being that I live in Australia. So you can imagine my excitement when I walked past my local MAC and saw the Brow Gelcreme sitting there looking all pretty on the counter!

MAC claims:
"Long-wearing waterproof gel in a pot for giving precise definition to brows. Applies smoothly, sets quickly for the ultimate well-groomed brows. Fills, lengthens and shapes for subtle to dramatic looks."

I'm not quite sure on the waterproof claim but this thing is definitely long wearing. From the moment that it sets in the morning, to the time I get home at night, it looks exactly the same, which is awesome for me because with Makeup Artistry, I can work up to 14 hour days. It is definitely smooth, pigmented and definitely does the claims of filling out, lengthening and shaping my brows pretty dark perfectly. 

  •  Awesome longevity
  • Pigmented
  • Pretty sure this pot will last me a lifetime 
  • Smooth to apply 
  • Easy to use 
  • Sets in a good amount of time - It's not too fast to the point you can't work with it or fix mistakes.
  • Easy to make a crisp line
  • Colour is a bit too warm for me - I prefer cool toned brow products
  • I personally prefer harder textures (Shu Uemura H9 pencils) because it's harder to overdo
  • Because it's so pigmented, it may be easy to put on too much
Overall thought: I do like this product, don't get me wrong, I just don't think that it is a HG item for me and to be completely honest, I find pencils easier to use on myself. This is however, great to use on my clients and makes sculpting their brows a breeze and in such a short amount of time. 8/10

Now, onto how I use this for my brows! I'm not that great at tutorials, sue me, but I am trying hard! I decided that it would be easier for me to just do a step by step in photos rather than writing because sometimes, words can be too open for interpretation and please... ignore the state of my brows right now, I'm trying to grow them out to see whether I like it bushier or not and at this point, I am leaning towards not... I feel like a sasquatch.

Products needed: 
  • MAC Fluidline Brow Gelcreme
  • MAC #266 Brush
  • Spoolie



  1. Looking so flawless, your makeup is gorgeous! Love your brows, the blonde shade doesn't look too light at all. I tend to change around the products I use for my brows but at the moment I'm using my Laura Mercier Brow Definer which I quite like as the colour match is perfect! Just wondering what eyeshadow you are wearing in the photos?

  2. You look lovely. The light shade of your brows make you look... I don't know, younger, I suppose? :) I really want to try cream brow products.


  3. omg I didn't know MAC had a gel liner just for eyebrows! I used to use my bobbi brown gel eyeliner to do my eyebrows hahaha definitely gotta give this product a go. Crayon is super difficult for me to use for some reason - one moment there's not enough, nek minnit it's too clumped/dark ><