January 14, 2015

Best Dupe for Bioderma: Byphasse Micellaire Water

Honestly the best dupe I have found for the Bioderma Micellaire Water. This is the Byphasse Micellaire Water and it is amazing! I actually find this is gentler on my skin than Bioderma because sometimes with Bioderma, even when I use the one for sensitive skin, it still stings a little and this literally just felt so good and my skin also didn't feel tight afterwards. 

The best part of this micellar water is that it is literally a fraction of the price. I got it from Chemist Warehouse for $4.99 for 500mL, now if that's not a bargain, I don't know what is! So, get on it ladies! Let me know what you all think if you can get your hands on it!