February 23, 2014

Keune Hair Care Line Review

I purchased these products last week and have absolutely fallen in love with them. I'm lucky enough to be able to shop at Hairmart (Only people who do hair and makeup are able to shop here because of their discounted price and products that aren't so readily available to the general public) and since I've finished up my Joico K-Pak, I decided to try something new. I have heard so many great things about Keune from my hairstyling friends, I definitely had to give it a go. 

Let's give a little background about Keune shall we... (Extracted from the Keune Australia & New Zealand website)

Since Keune was founded in Holland in 1922, the company has been dedicated to providing hairdressers with high-quality products and excellent service.

Keune has a strong focus on professional hair colour, styling and care. All products are developed in one of Europe’s most advanced hair cosmetic laboratories, where the highest quality, most sophisticated ingredients and the use of innovative hair technology is combined together to create products which provide reliable & consistent solutions to people's hair needs, wants and desires.   

Keune Australia & New Zealand was established 1995 and is commited to distributing according to the salon only principle and continue to operate with the same high standards, morals and ethics in which Keune Holland have always stood by because... "YOUR FUTURE IS OUR FUTURE"  


The products that I got start with Keune Crystal Ice Shampoo.

Now, if you're adverse to strong scents, this shampoo is definitely not for you! It smells very very strongly of peppermint because of the Menthol and Peppermint essential oils that are in it. I remember going to a salon and they used a shampoo that was really cooling on my scalped and ever since then, I've been on the hunt for the same shampoo. I don't think that this is actually the one but this came pretty darn close. It wasn't as cooling as I'd like when I used it but I loved this shampoo. 

It gives your hair a really clean feeling but at the same time, it doesn't strip your hair of the moisture, which is super important for me 

  • Cooling sensation on the scalp
  • Nice pepperminty scent (if you like quite strong scents - to be honest, the scent doesn't linger anyway)
  • Not drying at all 
  • Very affordable
  • Cleans hair very well 
  • I can use this everyday
  • Comes in a larger 1L bottle
  • Strong scent (although this doesn't offend me, I know some people are very adverse to it)
  • Not readily available at the drugstore/chemist
Product Rating: 4.5/5


Yes, I am a little crazy, I use a deep masque every time I wash my hair. I'm sure most hairstylist wouldn't recommend this but it works for my own hair so why fix what ain't broken!

The other conditioner I liked was the Macadamia Oil Deep Repair Masque which smells absolutely divine, and I was so close to getting this again but I thought I'd get the matching conditioner brand to my shampoo. 

  • SMELLS DIVINE - It's sweet smelling with a touch of fruitiness, I love it!
  • Thick consistency - I like this because it grabs and stays on my hair better
  • Very moisturizing 
  • Noticeable difference even after 1 use 
  • Affordable 
  • Comes in 500mL which will last you forever!
  • None that I can think of!
Product Rating: 5/5

I am still unsure how to use this product to be honest, I have used it on damp hair before and it gave me a bit more volume than usual. To be honest, I got this because it smells so delicious! 

From my understanding, this is meant to be create definition and hold your style and because I don't really style my hair that often, I usually leave it to air dry, I haven't played around with this long enough to know if it works for my hair. All I know is that when I use this, I sniff my hair ALL day long. 


Have any of you guys tried any Keune products before?



  1. OHH! i need to try that hair mask. that winters are BRUTAL on my hair.. and it probably doesn't hurt that i curl it so much lol!!! going to see if i can find this product online i love fruity smelling products :p thanks for the hair recc babe!!


  2. Sounds very good. ;-)
    Lovely greets Nessa

  3. Never heard of this brand but the hair mask is something I need!


  4. We don't have this brand here in KL but it sure looks pretty good =)

  5. It looks so high-quality!! I would love to try it but I've never seen this brand in any store! I love your blog, how about following each other via GFC/Bloglovin'? I would love to :) just let me know on my blog and I'll make sure to follow back immediately! Have a nice day babe xx
    Red Velvet