May 7, 2014

Revlon Colourburst Matte Balm - #220 Showy

I love the consistency of these things! They are matte but not drying and man oh man are they long lasting!

I first got wind of this product on the blogsphere but as always, Australia is slow as hell and these JUST came out here not too long ago. I actually completely forgot all about them until my best friend bought the red one and couldn't stop raving about them. Fast forward a week or show, I decided to buy one myself as Chemist Warehouse is having a huge sale on their makeup items. I got this for only $10! What a bargain! I'm definitely going to get some more colours soon. Honestly gorgeous... just gorgeous!



  1. omg obsessed that color is gorgeous! so pretty on you! need to pick that up for summer :)

  2. you are super pretty! love that lip color on you:)
    also i looked through your blog and i really really love your make-up! can't wait to see more & following now:)

    lots of love xx