May 12, 2014

New Hair Do!

  I decided to do something drastic to my hair... and this is the turnout!

I've had super long hair for the longest time, a few years at least, and I just wanted something different. I've been toying with the idea that I wanted a lob (long bob) for the past 6 months and every single time I would just chicken out. This time... I had the thought again on Sunday, decided to make the appointment on Monday and did it straight away. I knew that if I kept thinking about whether I should do it or not, I would, as always, chicken out. My advice to girls who are thinking of having a change... JUST DO IT! Life is too short and hair will always grow back!

Now... Onto the amazing hairdresser who helped me achieve this fierce look. I decided on going to  
Shane Dias Hair in Claremont after a high school friend recommended it to me. Needless to say, I was NOT disappointed and Shane was above and beyond what I wanted for a hairdresser. I know that it is scary to chop off a whole chunk of your hair off but Shane made me feel so at ease and comfortable, that as soon as I met him, I was definitely more excited than scared to get it cut off! He was absolutely superb, explained everything he was doing and why to me and also showed me how I can style my hair when I get home. I was definitely on a high on loving my new hair when I left the salon, and what made it better was how many of my friends and family told me how amazing the hair was and how beautiful I looked. Another plus was the husband actually liked it as well, which is definitely very strange because he does not like shorter hair on women. I will definitely be going back to the salon for future haircuts and colours because I've honestly never felt so comfortable in a salon before. Thanks Shane!

Contact & Location for Shane Dias Hair:

(Photo courtesy of Shane Dias Hair's Facebook Page)

52e Old Theatre Lane
Bayview Terrace
Claremont, Australia 6010

 08 9384 1110

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  1. Your lob is a bit longer than mine and I looooove it! I can't wait for mine to grow out some more! It just looks so elegant! I really like the new hair style on you, it just frames your face just right and just really brightens you overall! ♥ Yay for beautiful lobs! ^__^