September 4, 2014

Quick Update

Hello my lovely ladies! I am still here, I am still alive (barely!) and I promise you all that I will be back! At the moment I'm just busy trying to find a rental home for the hubs and I and it has been super stressful trying to figure out where we should stay and it's also super rare to find a rental that is pet friendly. To top it all off... I have a month to find this magical house so.... go me! As soon as everything calms down, I will be coming back with regular posts as I have actually resigned from MAC as well just because my own business is flourishing, which is kinda good but kinda bad at the same time. I miss you all and I will be back soon! 


  1. Hope you could get a good home and settle down soon!
    Good luck on your flourishing business! xx

  2. So glad to have found your blog! Love the photos in the previous post! :) I look forward to your posts in the future. Good luck with your move! Xx

    *steph x