August 13, 2014

MAC Lipsticks - Blankety & Velvet Teddy

Since I started working at MAC, I've played around with so many different lipsticks that I would've never tried before. This is how I discovered Blankety & Velvet Teddy! I rarely ever buy products for myself, and will always see whether I need it for my kit or not but these 2, I definitely got for myself.

Blankety is an Amplified texture and it is described as a "Vaguely vacant soft beige pink" and I must say, they are pretty spot on. I absolutely adore the Amplified lipsticks from MAC, the texture is unbelievably soft but pigmented at the same time and they're just so comfortable to wear on the lips. Blankety is probably as nude as I would get for a lipstick. 

Velvet Teddy is a matte shade that I would have never thought would look that nice on me but I found myself putting this lip colour on more and more. This is described as a "Deep-toned beige" and this colour is pretty much like my lip colour but just a bit deeper. As with any of the MAC matte lipsticks, even though it's matte, it's never uncomfortable to wear and never dries out my lips.

(L-R: Blankety & Velvet Teddy)

I am eyeing Vegas Volt, Honeylove and Creme Cup next so don't be surprised if you see those coming up in the not too far future!


  1. They both look nice on you. Great colors for this season too. Actually for any seasons =)

  2. They look gorgeous! I reccently got my hands on Blankety.. You will love Creme cup & Honeylove!

  3. Gorgeous lipsticks!!!! I bet they will look amazing with some gloss over the top too!!! I've just followed you on GFC, would love it if you could follow me back! Looking forward to your next post hun! <3

    xoxo, Mango ❤
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  4. They both look gorgeous on you, but you know how to rock everything on you. You're such a gorgeous girl! :)

  5. i have a love/hate relationship with mac lipsticks! i love them so much but i hate they keep coming out with new colors making my wallet suffer! i haven't tried blankety before but i know it's a popular one, i should try it out b/c it looks lovely! =)


  6. Maybe want follow each other? If yes, just follow me and i follow you back. :)

  7. I love Blankety! I want to purchase Velvet Teddy! They both look gorgeous on you. I just started following you. :))