July 15, 2014

Estee Lauder Matte Perfecting Primer Review

I had such high hopes for this primer, honestly, I did. I've been having a bit of an oilier T-Zone recently so I wanted to pick up this Estee Lauder Matte Perfecting Primer because unlike any of the other matte primers, it doesn't have that silicon-y feel which I'm not too fond of. I asked my dearest hubby to grab me one whilst he stopped over in Singapore for work as it was cheaper and I could NOT wait until he got home so I can finally try it. Dare I say I was more excited for this product coming home to me than my hubby himself? (Yes, I was THAT excited for this) So you can imagine my disappointment when I felt like this product just did not deliver what it promised. It definitely did not keep my T-Zone matte and what's even worse is that I don't think it even helped with the longevity of my foundation, which is totally the whole point of a primer! Needless to say this will be going in my kit because who knows, what may not work for me, may work for someone else and it does feel nice going onto the skin, it just doesn't do the job for me. 

  • Feels great on the skin as you put it on - none of that silicon feel
  • Not that cheap if you're not getting the product duty free (I believe the RRP is AUD $48.00)
  • Doesn't keep the oils on my face at bay
  • Doesn't keep the foundation on my face that much better than usual
Overall thought: Oh Estee Lauder how you disappoint me... As much as I wanted to love this product, I just couldn't. I will probably try to use it again once I feel the need to give it another shot but I have used it for about 2-3 weeks now and I just don't really like it that much to be honest. 2/10



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  2. you would think that a product of the prce tag shouldn't do anything but impress!! What a disappointment. We've tried out Revlon's primers and they seem to work well for us. maybe you should give them a try.


  3. i wish it could've worked for you!


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  5. I love Estee Lauder, and my mom used it too!
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