April 15, 2014

I Am Still Here!!

Hi guys! I am still here, I promise but see that cute, adorable, puppy face in the post below? Believe it or not, he is SUPER cheeky and such a little rascal that he has taken up all of my time with training and making sure he doesn't eat the house and just general disciplining of puppy behaviour. 

Zeus just had his 2nd vaccination last week so at least I can start taking him for walks from Friday onwards and it'll be so much easier to deplete his energy level. You know what they say, "A tired dog is a good dog."! I'm also looking for good obedience training classes because since he's going to be such a big boy, I really want his behaviour to be in check and I guess right now, he's just super duper playful and he doesn't mean to hurt me but his teeth have come into contact with my skin before while I was playing tug with him but that definitely needs to stop before he gets any bigger. 

Believe it or not, he is growing so so fast, I really can't believe it. He's roughly gaining 1kg a week and I swear he is growing taller and taller! 

I will be back with my normal postings once this phase has calmed down, I really do miss blogging and taking photos so for now.. I will leave you guys with a photo of my little boy!


  1. aww heart!! I'VE MISSED YOUR PRETTY FACE LOL!!! and Zeus is adorable!! i can see why he's taking up all of your time.. he's such a cutie pie!!


  2. omg what a little doll!! xo