March 9, 2014

The Lost Boys 21st

One of my good friends had her 21st birthday on Saturday and I felt so privileged to have witnessed her celebration. 

She planned EVERYTHING herself and it was in the theme of the Lost Boys from Peter Pan because this girl honestly loves her Disney. 

I wish I could've stayed the entire time but I had a client in the afternoon so only made it to a few very fun filled hours of the party. 

HAPPY 21st DARLING!! May you forever be a kid at heart! <3


  1. This looks like such like a lovely party!

  2. this is ADORABLE!!! i especially love that cake.. omgosh all the layers and the colors so cute!!!

  3. ohmygod that looks totally fun! happy birthday to your friend! The cute make up does so much brighten a day!

  4. So cute, the birthday cake is gorgeous, xoxo.

  5. Great pictures, sweety)

  6. Thank you for stopping by ~~ It's been a while since I came onto my blog ... kinda bad that I neglected it but work was super hectic ~! :P

    Well I'm going to give it a try and start updating again ~! Hopefully see you around :)

    Oh & if you're on instagram add me too ;) - gigil4m